Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Loop Antennas

This morning on 3968 we discussed loop antennas briefly. Phil referenced The Loop Skywire article from QST November 1985. Tim is pleased with the results from his loop antenna and emphasized that it need not be a full wavelength to be usable on 160 m. Larry commented about a recent club presentation about a member's 500+ ft loop antenna fed with high-quality coax and using a remote antenna tuner. The Loop Skywire article seems to emphasize keeping cost low.

N4KC published a detailed article on his loop antenna and its performance relative to other antennas installed at his location.

Another loop design that I found interesting was featured in the March 2008 QST, page 56. The author describes a 187-ft loop of #26 AWG black insulated Copperweld wire. It terminates directly on an SGC SG-237 antenna tuner mounted just below the window sill where the antenna wires enter his antenna-restricted apartment.

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