Thursday, November 20, 2014

Spectrum waterfall views on 60 m

During this morning's QSO I captured screen shots of the waterfall display of received signals on my Flex-3000. Below are the views with stations identified, as heard during the 0755 to 0810 CST time frame. (Click on any image for a larger view.)

Above is the display while WA4PTZ was transmitting. The vertical dimension is about 30 seconds of elapsed time. The 60 m channel 1 bandwidth is represented by the gray shading on the top edge. The carrier frequency is marked with a red line. The lighter patches show the received SSB signal level compared with background noise. Some persistent signals (or artifacts) are seen around 5.328 MHz.

Above is the signal display for W4PRE.

Here is the signal view for W4UOA.

Above is a view showing transmissions from KB4XX and W4UOA.

Here is a longer transmission from KB4XX.

For a different view, see the screen shot below from 40 m (7.143 MHz) at about the same time of the previous morning. This shows transmission from KB4PYR with a strong QSO in progress "next door" at 7.140. The yellow and red colors signify much stronger received signals, compared with the 60 m views above.

-- John