Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Huntsville Hamfest Photos

Photos from the Huntsville Hamfest are on the Bell Ringers web site. You can reach that page by going to Group Photos from the Bell Ringers home page, or click here for a shortcut.

You'll find the group photo previewed here, along with other small group and individual photos from N4OLN. A thumbnail below the group photo will take you to a set of 81 photos by W4BXI. These include both people and radio gear. Also featured are a few shots taken at some of the excellent forums. SDR and the FlexRadio display seemed to be popular. I noted that FlexRadio's web site includes a link to the W9OY Software Defined Ham Radio blog. A few of John's photos show slides from the ever-popular forum by David Hathaway on Solar Cycle Prediction.

Also included is this link to the extensive collection of people photos from MCARS.

Monday, August 2, 2010

QSO on 3740

Today's QSO on 3740 kHz included KB4XX and KB4PYR operating from the Smokemont camp at the the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I captured some of the receive audio at my station south of Birmingham. I did not have my recording software running correctly when KB4PYR was on, but I did capture some of KB4XX, along with W4UOA and KE4ID.

Here are MP3 copies of selected audio clips of the QSO. These are compressed to 32 kb/s and are stored on Google docs, where you can open each file directly or download for listening. My transceiver was not tuned in exactly, so the voice pitch is not quite correct in some cases.

KB4XX occasionally reached S9 at my station, but was mostly in the range of S2 to S6. According to Google Earth, the distance from Smokemont to Birmingham is about 249 miles.

73, John