Friday, February 7, 2014

VoIP Patch Discussion

Our group has tested many variations of hardware-based and hybrid hardware-software-based phone patches. Several variations of patches based on VoIP computer applications seem to work well, enabling the radio operator to be on a full-duplex VoIP conversation with the distant phone user. One way of accomplishing this is to use two PCs: one to provide the radio interface and another to provide the control operator's audio paths. This has also been done with a single PC when the sound card hardware or radio interface provide some needed mixing or monitoring features.

Today's discussion moved toward understanding the minimum required configuration to accomplish the patch while still using VoIP. The drawing below (click to expand) is my attempt to identify the functions and interfaces that are needed. It is not a solution, but is intended to stimulate further discussion that may lead to the best solution. One of the desired features is to enable the control operator to use a high quality microphone for all of his speaking needs.

Comments are welcome, and together we can test some additional configurations to find what works best. I applaud W4BXI for his persistence in testing and using so many alternative approaches. A simplified approach will make the patch capabilities accessible for a greater number of our radio friends.