Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bell Ringers Google Map

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I've created a new Google map showing 34 selected members of our group. Above is a portion of the map, which you can also view in full size. This initial version is based on coordinates available from I'm updating locations based on corrections sent to me.

If you click on a placemark (push-pin) the member's call sign, name and member number are displayed.

If you are logged in with a free Google account, you can also find a distance measuring tool under the "Featured content" section on the left side. You can also view this map in Google Earth, if you have installed that free program.

Please send me any corrections or additions for the map. I'll be glad to add more members who may want to be included or remove those who don't. Thanks to Jorge ki4SGU for showing us how to use this Google resource. Enjoy!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Amateur Radio SDR

I found a recently started blog about this topic. It includes information about the SoftRock radio kits that are promoted as a good way to get started with SDR in amateur radio. A companion web site provides some information about how to set up an amateur radio SDR.