Monday, July 27, 2009

Updated W4BXI System Audio Drawing

In an earlier blog posting W4UOA provided a drawing of W4BXI' s overall audio interconnections, and WA5MLF followed with a drawing to focus on the two-way audio paths between transceiver and Internet-connected PC. Since that time W4BXI has added a second audio mixer (colored orange) to the system. An updated draft drawing by WA5MLF is shown below (click to enlarge).

Photos of key hardware elements may be seen here.

Feedback from W4BXI would be appreciated to ensure that this version of the drawing conforms with the "as built" hardware configuration.

This may aid our ongoing discussions of interfacing multiple participants to an HF radio QSO using Skype, and even the 20th century technology called a phone patch. Today's on-air discussion renewed the quest for a system configuration that can connect multiple Skype callers to the host HF transceiver without the use of external hardware mixers or a second PC to host the Skype audio conference.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Electronics Recycling in Birmingham

If you have old electronic equipment of any kind that you can't or don't want to trade or sell, consider bringing it to a recycling company, such as Technical Knock Out. They are a full-time operation located near US-31 (Independence Dr) and 28th Ave S. The annotated photo below (click to enlarge) shows the TKO location. It is suggested that you call them before going to make sure they are present. Sometimes they are away collecting discards from local businesses.

Last year I took a wide variety of items to a weekend collection that the company sponsored at Whole Foods. A couple weeks ago I took some equipment directly to the TKO warehouse where I found the employees disassembling old computer equipment and other electronic gear. They are glad to accept all kinds of radio, audio, and other equipment. Sheet metal parts are picked up by a local company that uses recycled metals to produce various forms of piping. Circuit boards are shipped to a company in another state that separates the components and materials for recycling.

Call TKO at 205-451-0180 if you have any questions.