Thursday, February 3, 2011

75 m Voice & Video Party

This morning we had quite a crowd on 3740 LSB and occasional CW. We also tried out Carl's expanded Adobe account with ConnectNow web conferencing.

Carl shared his desktop, showing TRX-Manager software, with a multitude of our participant log-ins and web cams. Below is one of the screen shots I captured during the peak of activity. Click on the thumbnail below for a full size image.

Recently we've used the desktop sharing feature to share live demonstrations of SDR software (by KE4ID) and antenna modeling software (by WA5MLF). Carl has used the desktop sharing on numerous occasions to demonstrate TRX-Manager, Ham Radio Deluxe, and Master Commander software for local and remote control of ham radio systems.

ConnectNow is a powerful and fun tool for sharing knowledge among members of the group.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Antenna radiation patterns - 220 ft dipole

Here are some radiation patterns for this antenna for 160 thru 10 m bands, using 40 ft height above rocky ground. No feedline was used for this analysis; the source was located at the mid-point of the antenna.

Each slide identifies the frequency and orientation (vertical plane or horizontal plane). The maximum gain (red line) and -3 dB gain points (green lines) are marked. A short horizontal red line near the center of most plots represents the antenna structure, oriented broadside to the viewer. For 40 - 10 m, 3D color plots are also included. A white line in those plots represents the antenna structure. x, y and z axes (barely showing) are in green.

Click on the image below to access the slide set where you can play a slide show or view individual slides.

Dipole, 220 ft, 160 - 10 m