Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nixa Ice Storm 2009 by N0SAP

Here is a report and photos from Sap N0SAP. Click on any photo below to see it full size.

Here are some pictures of the first ice storm of 2009.  We had about 3/8 inches of ice and four inches of snow.  We have not loss power, so I guess we are lucky for that.  "SAP"

Picture 009 (last) is the permanent building full of radio parts.

Monday, January 26, 2009


This morning on 3968 we learned from ki4SGU a little bit about PropNET, a project that uses PSK31 to create an RF-based digital peer-to-peer network. The link in the preceding sentence will take you to the FAQ for some background info.

A fascinating product of this project is an automated communication circuit quality report, a type of propagation map that displays connections made among stations whose locations are marked on the map. The graphical display is frequently updated, giving a snapshot of propagation conditions at the time of viewing. The results can be displayed for all bands or for a single band of interest. Click on any station's location point for info from


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bell Ringers on a Google Map

Yesterday Jorge ki4SGU assembled, in near real time, a Google map that shows the locations of several stations who participated in our QSO on 75 m. You may view it by clicking here. Click on a blue push-pin either on the map or on the left-side listing to reveal details about that QTH.

The locations are based on the public data that is used by Google maps and similar web applications. Some locations are not quite correct, but can be adjusted in the customized map itself. This will not, however, correct the underlying error in the external database that is accessed by Google and other mapping applications.

Using Jorge's map as inspiration, I hope that we will assemble a similar map that shows more of our members and frequent associates who join with us regularly on 75 or 40 m. Let me know if you wish to help as a collaborator who can edit / update our future map.

73, John