Saturday, September 16, 2017

Audio Recordings from 75 m and 40 m

I made several recordings of received audio on my transceiver in Baton Rouge this morning.
Below are links to the MP3 recordings.

3.740 MHz
The marginal copy on this band is consistent with poor propagation at this time of day for my distance from north Alabama. Sunrise today was at 0649 at my location. Some QSB also experienced.
  1. W4BXI at 0818 CDT, talking via N4NR's station, using the RemoteHams Internet interface. At the time, several stations noticed his audio seemed to have room echo or "in the barrel" sound. I think this was his first time to transmit via RemoteHams.
  2. N4NR at 0822 CDT, talking via RemoteHams interface through his home station
  3. W4BXI at 0823 CDT, talking via N4NR's station, using the RemoteHams interface.
  4. N4NR at 0834 CDT, talking via RemoteHams interface through home his station
7.233 MHz
Here are recordings of several stations at the time of our Saturday morning net.
  1. WA4PUB and K9JWJ at 0914 CDT
  2. N4NR at 0919 CDT talking via RemoteHams interface through his home station
  3. KB4XX at 0920 CDT
  4. W4BXI at 0920 CDT talking via N4NR's station, using the RemoteHams interface


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cable and Wire Color Code

Click for enlarged view.
This photo shows one side of a Bell System job aid that displays the pair numbers corresponding to the 25 tip & ring color code combinations. The white tab can be rotated around the perimeter to display the right-most 2 digits of each pair number for a given range of pairs. The back side provides the same information for the succeeding range of 300 pairs.

For more on the color code topic, see this Wikipedia article.

This may take some of you back to the days when large and small copper cables were dominant in the outside plant of telcos.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Bell Ringers on the Map

Below are two map views showing the locations of many Bell Ringers who have participated in the Saturday morning net during the past 8 or so years. Many more have been on the net during its long history.

Click on image to enlarge.
The first image includes the most distant member participants. The colored circles represent the distance in miles from the location of W4BXI, who is near the center of the member geographic distribution. The radius of each circle is:
Red: 100 miles, Yellow: 200 miles, Green: 300 miles, Blue: 400 miles
This view and the next one show that the majority of members are in Alabama or Georgia and most are within the red circle.

Click on image to enlarge.

This second image expands the red circle for a better view of the Alabama and Georgia member locations.