Tuesday, May 14, 2013

N0SAP on Ham Nation netcast

Go to this page and choose one of the video formats to view or download and look for N0SAP with W0ERE in the 7:33 to 16 minute portion of the program. The topics of discussion are a mobile 30 m beacon (10.12925 MHz) with a trailing antenna wire and a modified MFJ license plate mobile antenna mount.

If you download the file and use a viewer program such as VLC, you can jump to the 7:33 minute mark. Of course, you can view the entire program, too. This was the 97th weekly twit.tv netcast devoted to ham radio and hosted by Bob Heil, Gordon West (WB6NOA), George Thomas (W5JDX), and Don Wilbanks (AE5DW).


Update 6/7/13:

Here is a Youtube video of the 30 Meter Mobile Beacon Experiment going to Dayton this year.  A trailing wire of 23 feet made of Litz wire was used for the antenna.  The 30 Meter Hustler antenna was used when we stopped or in traffic and the wire was on the ground.  All the other details should be in the video.  A story on Ham Nation Episode 97 can be seen from 7:30-16:40 minute mark.  We are also thinking of doing a story for QST.  "SAP"