Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Bell Ringers Chat Room

New Bell Ringers Chat Room

The new chat room can be reached from the "Chat" link near the top of the Bellringers home page


You can also reach the chat room by pointing your your browser to:


The chat room is "open" 24/7. You are invited to use it at anytime to help stay in touch with friends.

The morning coffee group finds it useful when the bands are not being very cooperative! Hi!


wa5mlf said...

The chat room can also be reached from the "Chat" link near the center of the home page http://www.tparca.org/bellringers/

wa5mlf said...

Several of us regular users have noticed that a login will time out after about 15 minutes of no posting. When this happens, you can type new text into the entry field, but it won't send to the chat room for anyone to see. I suspect that you also don't see others' new postings in this condition. Your username remains on the signed-in directory on the right, however.
You can log out, but your original username remains on the user directory at the right for another 5 or 10 minutes. In the meantime you can log in with a different username. For example, add suffix "-1".

KJ4NRN that Ed kid said...

I have used this chat room several times when hte net has to meet on the alternative frequency,and since i am just a general, i can not participate with the net on the frequency, so i join the net through the chat room. It really works well, and i am trying to get it on my website.