Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Welcome to The Bell Ringers Blog

To the old hands, please forgive me for being so presumptions as to set this up without first consulting with each of you--but I thought it might be a good way to start. Virtually everything about this site can be easily changed. If you see something you don't like, let me know.

Spread the word about the site. If it seems to add value, great--if not, it will pass quietly into history. I think you will find this site very easy to use and best of all it's free! One of the most amazing things about the Internet is the availability of "free stuff." All I can say is "Thank you!" to all you guys that are clicking on the advertising links on Google and buying stuff:


I think you're helping pay for all the free stuff that the rest of us are enjoying! Enough for now! Join in the fun of just one more dimension of our great hobby!

By the way, the news feeds on the right will change almost daily. If you are aware of any feeds (RSS) you would like to see added, let me know.


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Anonymous said...

Looks very nice, Carl...