Tuesday, September 16, 2014

FoxDelta Analyzer at Tuner Input

Here is an example of what the FoxDelta Antenna Analyzer sees when connected to the input of my LDG AT-100Proll. The graph has plots for three frequencies at which the tuner was tuned:
  • 3740 kHz  - Blue curve
  • 7191 kHz  - Red curve
  • 14200 kHz - Green curve

Click on the image above for a magnified view. 
All plots were done with my 80 m horizontal loop antenna connected to the output of the tuner. For each frequency I performed the following steps:
  • Tuned the tuner for minimum SWR with the transceiver as a source at the selected frequency
  • Connected the analyzer in place of the transceiver
  • Ran a scan from the analyzer software

Using the analyzer mode that enables 3 separate scans to be displayed on a single graph, I saved the composite graph and added frequency labels next to the color legend at the bottom of the graph.

You can see that a good dip in SWR is obtained for first two frequencies. At 14200 kHz, however, the short (84-ft) feed line length did not allow the lowest SWR to be obtained within the 20 m band.

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