Thursday, August 28, 2014

TPWINLOG Installation

The TPWINLOG program available at this web page was developed by W4AXO to enable logging and CW send functions for the annual Telephone Pioneer QSO Party. This posting supplements the installation instructions provided in the Readme file for the TPWINLOG program. Below is a series of screen shots collected during installation and initial setup of the program.

Installation begins with extraction of the setup files from, as shown here. Run setup.exe to begin the process. (Click on any image for an enlarged view.)

Here is the initial setup screen. Click OK when ready.

Click on the button shown in this screen shot to continue. You have the option of changing the installation directory before proceeding, as noted in section 2.1 of the Readme file. Some pop-up messages may appear as described in section 2.2.

This screen confirms the successful installation.

For convenience, create a desktop shortcut to the program file TPWINLOG V1b.exe as discussed in section 2.4.

Here is a magnified view of the resulting shortcut icon on the desktop.

Here is the welcome screen that appears when the program starts.

This window tells you that the next step is to input your user information for the program to use.

Here is the form that you fill in once to record your information as discussed in section 3.1. You can replace or edit this information if changes are needed afterward.

Each time you start the program you will have the option to open the Com Port for CW sending. A simple interface for this feature is described in section 10 of the Readme file.

Be sure to study the program usage details in sections 4 through 10 of the ReadMe file.
You should practice using the program before the event, but be sure to delete your file of practice contacts before you start logging for the event. See section 4.1 of the ReadMe file.

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