Thursday, April 7, 2011

Titanic Special Event - April 9 & 10

Remember the Titanic April 9th and 10th in Pigeon Forge, TN.  
Hope to see you there.  N0SAP "SAP"

This Special Event is to honor the two brave radio operators Jack Phillips and Harold Bride for the 99th Anniversary of the Titanic tragic sinking. The WØS at the World's Largest Titanic Museum in Branson, MO. and the W4S World's Second Largest Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN. will be held as an open event for all hams and non-hams to operate. The "W" and "S" is for White Star the shipping company of the Titanic. Ten-Tec will display the new "Eagle" Transceiver for all to use in the Pigeon Forge, TN. location. We will be operating around the clock from both locations. Come experience being chased by stations from around the world at this International Famous Special Event Station.

Operating frequencies will be as follows for SSB and CW.
14.260 ssb +/- 3KC
7.260 ssb # +/- 3KC
3.860 #ssb #+/- 3kc

CW will be running split
14.060 CW UP 2kc
7.060 CW UP 2kc
3.560 CW UP 2kc

For more information and future updates the websites are:

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