Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Java update breaks chat room copy/paste

UPDATE: See comments at bottom of this posting for a solution that works for all versions of Java.

Regular users of the Bell Ringers chat room know that it requires Java to be loaded by the web browser so the addonChat applet can run. Recently I accepted the latest update -- Java 6 Update 24. I considered this worthwhile since the update patched multiple vulnerabilities.

On the next morning I noticed that I could not paste a web link or any other text into my outgoing chat message bar. If you never have the urge to paste a URL or other text into your message bar, you can ignore the rest of this post.

Pasting URLs, etc. has become a popular way of sharing diverse discussion topics and sources of additional information during our morning QSOs. I soon suspected the Java update as a trigger for the trouble. Through the addonChat support page I submitted the issue and got a speedy response. I assume that the paying business customers of addonChat brought up the issue right away. Here is an excerpt from their reply:

We've just recently been made aware of apparent bugs in the latest build of Java 1.6. This security release appears to have unintentionally disabled both copy and paste using CTRL/CMD commands as well as hot-linking to remote images using the IMG tag.
We're currently awaiting further information from Oracle regarding this and hope their next build resolves these issues.
In the meantime, we recommend uninstalling Java from your system and downgrading to Java 1.6.0_23 (Java 1.6 build 23). You may download a copy from

Below you will find the steps to uninstall Java update 24 and reinstall Java update 23. Java defaults to notify (or update) you automatically, so you will want to disable this action until we determine that a subsequent Java update resolves this issue.

For Windows XP:
  • First, use Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs and remove Java 6 Update 24
  • Go to: and download Java 6 Update 23
  • Install Java 6 Update 23
  • Disable updates:
    • Go to Control Panel, open Java Control Panel
    • On the Update tab, Un-check the Check for Updates box
    • On the Warning page that pops up, choose never
For Windows 7:
  • First, use Control Panel, Programs and Features and remove Java 6 Update 24
  • Go to: and download Java 6 Update 23
  • Install Java 6 Update 23 (I chose the x64 version for my Win 7 laptop)
  • Disable updates:
    • Go to Control Panel, open Java Control Panel
    • On Advanced tab, expand JRE Auto-Download
    • Check Never Auto-Download
    • Click OK
If, during the Java update 23 installation you get an offer to add the Yahoo! toolbar, I suggest that you decline it (un-check box), unless you really want it. 

That should cover it. When I get word of Java 6 Update 25, I'll test it for chat copy & paste and advise.

(This blog entry updated 4/6/11)


Anonymous said...

stioll no copy paste function in version 25 vista computer

Anonymous said...

There is a fix here for the copy and paste issue.
It works perfectly.,467

wa5mlf said...

This approach is also documented in the addonChat forum: