Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Antenna radiation patterns - 220 ft dipole

Here are some radiation patterns for this antenna for 160 thru 10 m bands, using 40 ft height above rocky ground. No feedline was used for this analysis; the source was located at the mid-point of the antenna.

Each slide identifies the frequency and orientation (vertical plane or horizontal plane). The maximum gain (red line) and -3 dB gain points (green lines) are marked. A short horizontal red line near the center of most plots represents the antenna structure, oriented broadside to the viewer. For 40 - 10 m, 3D color plots are also included. A white line in those plots represents the antenna structure. x, y and z axes (barely showing) are in green.

Click on the image below to access the slide set where you can play a slide show or view individual slides.

Dipole, 220 ft, 160 - 10 m

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