Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bell Ringers & TPARCA at BirmingHAMfest 2010

Here are a few photos from the BirmingHAMfest. I'll post a copy of the group photo with names and callsigns in the group photos section of the Bell Ringers web site. Many other photos are available on the MCARS web site at this link.

Attendees at our Saturday forum included: David KC4SBP, George KW7GAM, Carl W4UOA, Bob WA4PWA, Pat W4QAT, Ed W4DGH, Fletch W4BBW, John W4BXI, Hank K4HM, Selene KG4RMT, Ron N4DLE, Dennis N4NR, Hjordis KI4TVB, Ben W4CT, Bill KB4PYR, Phil KB4XX, Myra K3PGH, John WA5MLF.

Bob WA4PWA told us about a fascinating new device that interfaces his cell phone with his hearing aids. It is the iCom communications interface from Phonak.

David KC4SBP was looking for folks who worked for Southern Bell at the Hurt Building. I suggested that he should also explore the MaBellHams group on Yahoo.

Dennis N4NR gave us a brief history of the WireNet, a bulletin board predecessor to The active community from all continents of the world enjoyed sharing information and programs on WireNet, which also provided Internet email before the RBOCs started their ISP units. We are indebted to Dennis and Jerry Pruett (SK) for establishing the foundation of today's

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