Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday Net Operations

In response to John's (W4BXI) call to conference about possible ways to improve our Saturday Bell Ringers Net, the following Bell Ringers met:
John (WA5MLF), John (W4BXI), Carl (W4UOA), Gary (N4OLN), Jorge (KI4SGU), Larry (KB4LWT), and Phil (KB4XX). After discussing our 40 meter propagation problems, here are some ideas we thought might make our Saturday Bell Ringers Net better:
  1. Use 75 m exclusively until sunspot activity enables a return to 40 m.
  2. Use 75 m with optional Skype and/or phone patch connections for stations who are too distant from the core 75 m participants.
  3. Use 60 m
  4. Use 40 m exclusively, with the aid of relay stations. Remain on 7230 kHz while evaluating the effect of changing back to standard time on November 1.
  5. Implement an RF bridge between 75 m and 40 m, enabling stations to select the band that gives them the best ability to hear and be heard.
We invite your feedback about these choices and any others that may be relevant. Please use the poll feature at the upper right corner of this blog to capture your votes for one or several of the choices. One of our goals is to resume a formal Saturday net with check-ins by member number.

The alternatives are listed in brief form in the poll to enable better visibility of the results after your votes are entered. You'll still need to use the horizontal scroll bar to see results. (The poll feature is one that I have not previously used.)

You may also post comments directly to this blog posting for other members to read.

An updated list of Net Control Stations is posted on our web site.

Thanks for your interest and inputs!

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