Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Antenna Tuner Discussions

The topic of antenna tuner operation and design was popular today. Here are some links that Phil and I have dug up that may be helpful:
How to User Your Antenna Tuner is a fairly long article with several additional web links and many posted comments. Among the included links are:
  • Antenna Tuner Operation is a short article by ARRL about how to use a common tuner type.
  • A T-Network Simulator is a Java application that lets you practice using a software simulated tuner. You can turn the knobs on the tuner to try your solution and then click the autotune button for comparison. The simulator can be run or the web page or downloaded to run locally on your Java-enabled PC.
  • Antenna Transmatch Tips provides some details of popular tuner designs that are commercially available along with tips for similar homebrew units. It includes some discussion of common component limitations.
Other links provided in Phil's recent email:
A subtopic of particular interest is the ability to find more than one group of settings in T-network tuners to provide a match. This property is illustrated in the 1995 QST article cited above. See the article's section labeled Practical T-Network Tips for some recommendations on how to avoid overheating inductors and arcing capacitors.

Many additional articles are available at this DX Zone web page.

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